It’s interesting to look back over the years to see not only the evolution of Sisters and Friends painting but the changing trends, the varying styles of furniture that were popular and what’s trending now. Right now of course farmhouse but everybody is asking what’s next after farmhouse?? It is an interesting question.
At Sisters and Friends we have made a consistent effort to keep an eclectic mix in our store. It has worked for us over the years. We strongly believe in having a wide variety of styles of furniture and also offering our customer lots of choices when it comes to colors and stains, etc. But the real defining element is having what we call “good bones.” Having a “good bones” piece is all important. My daughters and I are pretty picky when it comes to furniture. Scratch that, we’re real picky. We want the piece to have some character, different lines, have good details, storage in a chest (deep drawers), we want them all to work. We want dovetails and dust panels in the chest, good solid legs no wobble.

Now none of these pieces in the pictures, as you can see are necessarily Antique, but they would be among our Vintage Finds or in our Pickin’ Place room in our store. They have some classic lines, great storage on the both chests and just a timeless look on the buffet. They are “Good Bones.” When you talk about styles and what is trending and what is going out of style or coming in style it really gets scary. But we maintain as long as you stick with “Good Bones” we say you’re going to be in style because you have a timeless piece. But sometimes those timeless pieces need new life.
So how do you decide how to update your style and give it new life? You ask yourself what can you do? We usually ask people to bring their swatches, colors, pillows, pictures of what they have, size of their room, and pictures of the pieces they want to keep. That’s where we start. We offer our recommendations. Maybe pieces need painting or refurbished. Maybe a new piece needs to be incorporated, new décor etc. This is where we love to show our customers by the displays in our store if you have “good bones” the sky is the limit on things you can do.

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