When I first started Sisters and Friends, a lady came in one day and said, “You know there is this paint called Caromel Colours and you would really like it, you ought to start painting stuff around here Norma! You need to get some of this paint.” So hmmm I starting thinking about it and I had already been painting some things in the store but had never heard of Caromel Colours. So I decided what the heck I’ll try some. I had a buffet, a rather expensive one that I loved the bones of and it had been stripped and I needed to paint. I thought alrighty let’s just order some of this stuff.

So, a couple days later here my order came, I was so excited when my UPS man came. Yippee! I broke into the box, I ordered Parchment (kind of off white), some Mustard (kind of primitive yellowy not a word but oh well) and a couple others….oh and some toner.

Norma, the painter was ready, I was excited, I was pumped! I rolled my piece on the cart and had all my stuff out….brushes etc. and dunn ta dunn I open the jar of paint and I’m ready to “pour” my paint in my trusty bowl and nothing. Nothing is pouring! I put my finger in the jar and it is like peanut butter! No! I said, “what is this!??? Have mercy what is going on?” My first thought was to get a hold of Brad the UPS man to get a return label, but too late.

I was stuck, literally stuck with the peanut butter paint. But, Norma the painter decided huh this is endorsed by Country Living so I was going to give it a try.

I stuck my brush in the “peanut butter” and started painting. I mushed it around, I pushed it on, I stroked, and bounced it and kind of did what came naturally. And after I got done it looked like a 2 year old painted my buffet. Next day I called Caromel Colours and we chitty chatted! They laughed as I unloaded and they said that I was really on the right track!? No kidding. So I pressed on, finished painting and took my piece outside and sanded the heck out of it. Distressed and chipped it up good. It felt “smooth” but it had visible lines in it. However, it was actually looking pretty good. I took the toner, put it on and wiped it back like a glaze. The toner went in the lines and gosh I just could not believe my creation!!

It was one of my favorite pieces I had done. I was loving this piece. It felt so smooth and the finish on it was wonderful. It was a primitive look and I was so excited. I put it out on my showroom floor and it sold the next day.

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