Sutherland Mahogany Table

Sutherland Mahogany Table features beautiful table legs, as well as two drop leaves that extend the table from 7″ to 42″. Add some antique charm to the home without taking up too much [...]

Column Side Bookcase

This small Column Side Bookcase adds a bit of extra storage space to the room. This bookcase features gorgeous carved column sides. Perfect for any home decor style. Not your style? Browse more [...]

Raised Panel Nightstand

Add an elegant flare to the home with this stunning Raised Panel Nightstand. This nightstand features beautiful carvings as well as an inner shelf. Perfect for any style of home. Not your [...]

Ladies Desk with Foldout

This Ladies Desk with Foldout is perfect for adding an antique charm to the room. Perfect for an entry way piece or as a side desk in the living space. Not your style? Browse more antique pieces [...]

Barley Twist Oak Sewing Stand

This Barley Twist Oak Sewing Stand would make a lovely nightstand. Gorgeous barley twist legs, and a warm patina add to the beauty this piece has to offer. Great as extra storage in the craft [...]

French Drawleaf Table

Stunning French Drawleaf Table that is perfect for entertaining. Two drawleafs extend the 63in. table to a 110in. table, perfect for fitting all the friends and family. Not your style? Browse [...]

Carved Cherry Desk

This gorgeous Carved Cherry Desk is a beautiful piece. Features beautiful carved details, gorgeous leather top, and ample storage space. Perfect for offices or as a statement piece in the home. [...]

Early 2 Door French Wardrobe

Early 2 Door French Wardrobe. This 18th century transitional cabinet is a magnificent piece with a baroque influence. A multi-arched crown wraps around the top centered with a classical floral [...]

1800’s Primitive Trunk

This mid-to-late 1800’s Primitive Trunk is a treasure of a find. This rare, English trunk features gorgeous wrought iron handles, and a beautiful metal design on the lid. Stunning carvings [...]

Walnut French Country Sideboard

This antique Walnut French Country Sideboard is a stunning find. It features finely sculpted details depicting floral, shell, and foliate motifs that appear on the cabinet doors and center tier [...]