Sisters and Friends custom paints furniture using 4 different paint-lines: General Finishes which is an acrylic paint, Miss Lillian’s NO Wax Chock Paint which has sealer in the formula, Caromel Colours which is a texturing basecoat paint (really fun), and All-in-One which is a paint formulated especially for Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets. We offer classes in all the mentioned paints.

General Finishes gives a smooth feel and has a more formal look. Their paint is very self-leveling, and we love the professional look of it, 60% of our pieces are painted using General Finishes. They have a wide palette of colors, gel stains that we love and lots of glazes.

Miss Lillian’s NO Wax Chock Paint we believe is the best chalk paint on the market. If you want a vintage look Miss Lillian’s No Wax Chock Paint is for you. Of all the chalk paints we love it hands down because of the way it applies, her huge palette of color, the many products including swamp mud for texturing, her glazes and embellishing crèmes, and so many other products, including the fact that you do not have to use wax as a sealer. Wax is not the most stable product, there is a long cure time and if you use too much it will never cure. If you want to change color the wax has to be removed and it will just load your sand paper if you try to sand it off. Miss Lillian’s has a sealer in her formula.

Caromel Colours will always be my first love when it comes to paint. It is thick as peanut butter! No kidding….it is so much fun to work with and you can create a look that people will say, “My gosh how did you do that?” It is a clay, chalk and mineral paint. We call it the full-coverage makeup in paint. If you have for example a problem veneer that has peeled off on an old piece, you can apply this “full-coverage make-up” paint to your problem piece and simply cover it up. We love to put it on table tops and layer the various colors. A class is helpful when it comes to using this paint and it is soooo much fun!

All-in-One was formulated for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It is the consistency of yogurt. It can be used as a texturing paint but it can be applied so that it is very smooth also. It has your base, color and sealer All-in-One, which is very helpful when you are painting a huge set of kitchen cabinets. For Kitchen Cabinets All-in-One is our top seller.

We are happy to offer any assistance that we can. Give the shop a call! We post our classes on our Facebook Page.

Caromel Colours will probably always be my first love when it comes to paints. But it is one that is a little different to work with; it is a fun paint and you can create such a unique look that people always say, “How’d you do that?” We do offer classes in all paint-lines so just check on Facebook or call the shop. I guarantee this is one paint you will love!

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